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How & Why This Email Customer Acquisition, Remarketing and Retention System (ECARRS) Works

Stop Wasting Money By Bringing Visitors To Your Website & Then Allowing Them To Leave Without Buying From You & Going To Buy From Your Competition

You spend a lot of money and time getting website visitors. But most of these visitors leave the site right away. They never come back, and you are powerless to make them return.

Effective frequency runs deep and wide. Although direct response marketing can improve your odds, the 'rule of 7 studies' show that people need 7 product/service interactions before they make a buying decision. That applies more then ever with todays skeptical buyers. And they've been mistreated and lied to by so many companies, that this is completely understandable.

Now that you know this, ask yourself a question: when a person decides to buy, what are the chances they'll come back to your site to buy? Even if your site was the one that initially made them interested, what are the chances even then?

Well the bad news is that the chances are slim to none. They probably won't return to your site. In fact, they will probably go on to buy a similar product/service from one of your competitors, now that they have completed their 'buyers research' online.

All of the valuable time, money and resources you used to get visitors interested, has only gone to helping your competition make a sale.

Every ECARRS is professionally modelled and developed before it is built

It Doesn't Need To Be This Way...

What if there was a way to capture these users? You could keep them interested and bring them back to YOUR site, YOUR product, YOUR service and keep reinforcing YOUR brand with them. You can help them do their 'buyers research' online. You can even quickly educate them so they feel like they've read your entire website.

Then when they decide to buy, you will be in the 'top of their mind'. And of course, they buy from you.

Well Now There Is A Solution That Does This & So Much More - The CatchAndRetain Email Client Acquisition, Remarketing and Retention System (ECARRS)

Now you can solve all of the set backs, from the way you find clients, connect with them and capture new clients. Building solid relationships with existing clients will be a breeze...

You may have read, that the ECARRS was born out of necessity. It's this same necessity that has brought the improved version of the ECARRS to you, here today...

As a company founded around a performance based, smart marketing core, we know how to stimulate people to make them buy. This is what we, as sales people, business owners and entrepreneurs need to know. And we should all be practising and improving this skill.

Why Does The ECARR System Work So Well?

Firstly, ECARRS works so well because it is unlike inefficient brand advertising. Instead of shouting your name into the marketplace in front of people who will never care about or ever use your service, ECARRS works on a more focussed 'direct response' principal:

'Don't shout your name out there. Instead, get the names of interested people in here. Then nurture them into clients.'

This is exactly what the ECARR System does. It's made to take a person down the only logical advanced sales line method of:

Suspect -> Prospect -> Customer -> Advocate.

The ECARRS actually collects volunteer prospects, who would have originally left your site without buying. Then lets you guide them to making an educated buying decision in your favour. The entire process is seamless and works to boost sales and can even stimulate and reactivate current customers to come back and buy from you.

Let's Take A Look At How The Individual Stages of The ECARRS Marketing Funnel Works...

ECARRS Marketing Funnel: The primary customer thoughts are written in black. The
funnel sections are also labelled.

The ECARRS marketing funnel takes your prospect through a systematic sales approach. It's created for you so that someone who is completely new to your business will be taken through a customised education program that will:

  • Give you a strategical advantage over your competition
  • Increase sales
  • Build more trust with your prospects
  • Make sure you are more respected
  • Develop deep credibility with your customers
  • Allows you to be seen as an expert
  • Increase your brand loyalty - on purpose
  • Pre-empts your competition so they can't deploy against you
  • Gives you a price advantage over your competition (even if you sell at a higher price)
  • Stops the competition stealing your clients
  • Systematically increases the number of referrals you get
  • Encourages people and motivates them to take action and buy sooner
  • Gives you the ultimate 'top of mind' awareness with your leads and customers
  • Increases the number of sales and recurring sales, that you make
  • Definitely boosts sales for your business
  • Helps you grow your business and get to the next level

Here's A Detailed View Of The Individual Stages Of The ECARR System

Ask yourself, how many of these do you currently do, consciously, in order to get new clients?

  1. Awareness. The ECARRS collects volunteer prospects, who would have originally left your site without buying. It positions you as someone who can help the prospect, and uses hooks to get visitors back to your site.
  2. Consideration. You are further positioned, and the prospect is choice-educated about how they can be helped by your company. A more narrowed message will be introduced here, and your prospects will be segmented. Content based landing pages are then used to address segment needs as well as further educational content that provides an engaging solution the existing problem of a specific segment.
  3. High Interest. It's important to present yourself as the expert company and stay on a short list of potential providers. This is done by providing further educational content that restructures the prospects buying criteria. A sample buying criteria is usually built for the prospect at this stage.
  4. Top choice. To emerge at the top of the list of potential providers, you have to demonstrate that you can provide the most value to the prospect. This does not mean you provide the cheapest service, but merely that you are considered the best overall provider. Our methods at this stage even allow for you to break through price barriers, so that you're not constrained to competitors prices. We can even show how your 'technical capability' puts you ahead of the competition. In this area, value is a mix of capability, trust, risk avoidance, price, and expertise. We know how to show you are the best provider in all of these categories. Your prospect will show their understanding by converting to clients.
  5. Purchase. Once you come out as the leader in step 4, the 'top choice' phase, the purchase details are all that is left to have your prospect become a client. So the prospect will be ready to engage in a final negotiation. In a bigger company they may give the process to a contracting department. Any final choices and formality issues such as quantity, negotiation, contract signing/acquiring signatures and payment are all done at this stage.
  6. Retain. Once you've converted a prospect to a client, the shift for any smart marketer is to retain their client. This is the step that many 'sales organisations' don't even think about. Marketing is where a company retains most leverage, and is the most strategic function in the businesses. Smart organisations bring in the marketers to grow sales. Client retention is simply a further way of educating the client about other problems and solutions you can provide. When done systematically, this is an efficient method to increase profitability and much higher conversion rates.

Once your prospect goes through these stages, they will develop much more trust in your company. You are also the one who delivers the education. This positions you as the authority in the field.

The ECARR System turns viewers into buyers.

There is much more at work here. With the ECARR System, it is all done for you. Content is written by a professional copywriter, styled for best response and tested for maximum conversions. ECARRS is a full done for you system from start to finish. It's a 100% 'hands off' system. Just provide us with the material we request and our team will do the install and take care of building the system.

That way you focus on being the expert at what you do. And we can focus on being the experts at what we do - growing your business.

Apply today - and increase your website sales...



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