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Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly is the 'CatchAndRetain System'?

The CatchAndRetain System is an Email Customer Acquisition, Remarketing and Retention System (ECARRS). It's installed on your website to capture leads and potential customers, so you can remarket to them at zero cost, and turn them into paying customers. You can also make sure that previous customers come back to buy from you, instead of spending their money with your competition.

If you're advertising your business without the CatchAndRetain ECARR System installed on your website, then you're simply wasting advertising money.

Of course, you can still be profitable without the ECARR System. But why not plug the leaky holes in your ship and maximise your sales?

You pay to advertise your business your site. Considering an average bounce rate, 50% - 80% of your site visitors leave silently, without ever becoming customers. The ECARRS stops this leakage of money, dead in it's tracks. The built in marketing funnel also helps promote you, increases sales and brings people back to your business to buy from you.

Are there any other benefits of the CatchAndRetain System?

Yes - lots. It takes your leads and potential customers through a purpose built 'education based' marketing system. When you use this ECARRS it will help you to:

  • Have a strategical advantage over your competition
  • Increase sales
  • Build more trust with your prospects
  • Make sure you are more respected
  • Develop deep credibility with your customers
  • Allows you to be seen as an expert
  • Increase your brand loyalty - on purpose
  • Pre-empts your competition so they can't deploy against you
  • Gives you a price advantage over your competition (even if you sell at a higher price)
  • Stops the competition stealing your clients
  • Systematically increases the number of referrals you get
  • Encourages people and motivates them to take action and buy sooner
  • Gives you the ultimate 'top of mind' awareness with your leads and customers
  • Increases the number of sales and recurring sales, that you make
  • Definitely boosts sales for your business
  • Helps you grow your business and get to the next level

Can you show how the CatchAndRetain ECARR System will help me make more sales?

Sure. Let's say a dentist usually charges 2000 (2k) per dental implant. Without the ECARR System, they may sell 4 dental implants a month. That's a total of 8k a month in dental implant sales.

After the ECARR System is installed, the dental implant sales may rise to 8 - 10 dental implants a month. This is an extra 4 - 6 dental implants every month. That is a boost in sales of at least 8k - 12k a month, due to the ECARR System. That's an extra 96k - 144k a year in boosted sales. And that's just dental implants alone.

The increase in overall business can be much higher.

We can track the exact numbers from our side. The patients can also confirm they came via the ECARR System. Everything is tracked and logged via the CatchAndRetain ECARR System.

How much does the CatchAndRetain ECARR System cost?:

The CatchAndRetain ECARR System is a bespoke website service. The total package will vary depending on your preferences and individually tailored options.

However, many of our clients find that they receive a 50% - 100% return on investment (ROI) on the monthly price of the CatchAndRetain ECARR System. We always aim for a positive ROI for you. If, for any reason, we foresee that a positive ROI is not possible in your case, you will not be permitted to sign up as a client. This is the fairest we can be for you, and also protects the reputation of the CatchAndRetain ECARR System.

Can you guarantee that the CatchAndRetain ECARR System will work?

Yes. We have a 100% guarantee that the system works. We also track every movement, referral, sale and re-sale down to the last detail, so provide you with very detailed reports.

However, we can not guarantee a monetary amount in extra sales which you will make from the ECARRS. This all depends on many factors which we have no influence over.

The ECARRS does however, take your leads and customers and then remarkets services to them in a systematic fashion.  We can even take them through a specially designed educational process, so they are much more likely to buy from you again, making them even more profitable over a period of time.

Can I try you for one month and see how it goes?

Due to the nature of our services, we allow for a minimum 180 day 'levelling' period to build a custom intricate marketing funnel for your business, and then let it demonstrate it's maximum effect. This allows for previous influences to be removed as well as full immersion into the CatchAndRetain ECARR System.

However, if you have a service which includes a margin of a higher magnitude, then the initial 'levelling' period can be reduced to 120 - 140 days. Your individual 'levelling' period will be calculated up on your application.

Is the CatchAndRetain ECARR System right for my type of business?

There are no limits to the type of businesses we can help. However, our clients usually have high value clients, customers and patients.

Previous successful companies include: dentists, doctors, opticians, cosmetic surgeons, chiropractors, insurance companies, estate agents, accountants, construction companies, fencing organisations, high end restaurants, luxury spas, supplement companies, conservatory manufacturers, pension/investment funds, luxury vehicle dealers, jewellery boutiques, a wedding service provider etc. One of our clients even sells and delivers cranes.

We specialise in turning your website visitors and current customers into additional profits. If this is what you're looking for then apply today.

I want to start today! Can you get started now?

With the technical speciality and amount of custom work going into each ECARR System, we are often overbooked and have a waiting list. We also only take clients who pass our initial specification inspection. This is why we have an application process.

We like to ensure that your installed ECARR System is likely to make you as profitable as possible, as a tool for increasing stable sales over a long term period. We do however, strive to have each new ECARR System installed and fully functional to acquire new leads and customers within 24 hours of accepting your application.

I don't want my competition or anyone else to know I'm using your ECARR System! Is that ok with you?

Yes. Our service is 100% confidential. We also have an ECARR System with a 'silent footprint' option available. This will make the system look completely in house and your clients will be very impressed by your in house attention to education and marketing.


Apply today - and increase your website sales...


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