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About Us & The 'CatchAndRetain System'

The CatchAndRetain System is an Email Customer Acquisition, Remarketing and Retention System (ECARRS). It was born out of necessity in 2001 and has been greatly advanced with improving technological systems over the years.

The ECARR System was originally developed by Michael Maven while working on his own and his clients web properties, in order to build and maintain customer relationships in an automated fashion, for ease of management. It also needed to scientifically and systematically grow the sales of a website.

The result was a proven ECARRS which has helped many companies establish long term, profitable web properties with a growth in sales and valuable assets.

Today, the ECARRS has grown into a much more sturdy and robust system. It has gone through an organic strengthening process that is much more scalable, yet still comes with all the benefits of the original system.

Of course, true to it's humble beginnings, it is still extremely dynamic as an ECARRS, yet has grown through many iterations to make it much more powerful yet flexible, as it increases it's range of operations. All of this is reflected in the sales growth of any company website that has active website visitors, and a sales goal in mind.

You're Too Busy To Improve Your Own Sales? Good! This System Was Built For You...

You're a busy individual. With more distractions and 'matters that require your attention' popping up on a daily basis, the last thing you want to do is pour over sales statistics, confidence intervals, and fuss with even more technological gizmos to help boost your sales.

You need an 'all in one' and 'done for you' product that does it all for you - literally hands free.

So we came up with a solution: a simple addition which reflects and builds upon the grassroot origins is that the system is now a, true, hands-free, Fully Managed Email Customer Acquisition System.

This literally means our team of designers, marketers, statisticians, and process improvement experts all work together and manage your website visitor acquisition dynamics to boost your sign ups, website results, and sales/enquiries made through your web site.

We do it all for you. You do nothing at all.

All we need to do is ask you what exactly your objective is, and place a few lines of code on your website. Then leave the rest up to us, and watch your sales grow.

We Invite You To Test The Performance Of Our ECARRS Against Any Email Marketing System You Have - Ours Will Make More Sales...

We can also improve the results of any sales funnels and email/newsletter systems you are currently using in house, and are willing to prove the efficiency of our ECARRS in a 'head to head' statistical comparison test with any system you have in place already.

In previous tests against similar technologies, our ECARRS has proven to be responsible for more sales/enquiries/success actions, 100% of the time (it has never been beaten).

Our process improvement nature ensures we always produce the best results.

Of course, the end results of our ECARRS are closely tracked, and clear for you to see. It is literally a 'set it and forget it' type system for you.

Apply today - and increase your website sales...


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